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Datum: 20-07-2015

Hulp gevraagd voor de honden in Athene

Door de aanhoudende bosbranden in Athene is het kleine asiel in Athene van Nafsika (AAI-contactpersoon in Athene) en haar vrijwilligers, ernstig beschadigd. Het vuur passeerde het asiel op 50 meter afstand. En hoewel de 25 honden gelukkig op tijd in veiligheid konden worden gebracht, betekent deze noodsituatie een hoop stress voor zowel de vrijwilligers als de honden. Tel daarbij op de onverwachte kosten voor het tijdelijk verblijf van de honden in een pension en het werk om het asiel weer bewoonbaar te maken, en u begrijpt de wanhoop van de vrijwilligers. In het stukje hieronder kunt u Nafsika's verslag van het gebeurde lezen. Iedere (financiële) hulp wordt enorm gewaardeerd.

U kunt een donatie overmaken op rekeningnummer  NL08INGB0007276816 t.n.v. Stichting AAI te Schoonrewoerd o.v.v. hulp asiel Athene.

Dear all,

We had very hard times the past days.  We had major fires in Athens that almost destroyed our shelter.  The fire passed by, at 50m distance.  We evacuated our animals in time, but it was extremely stressed for us and for them too.  Our shelter is located at the mountain and on Friday we had very strong winds.  As soon as we saw smoke, we run there, because otherwise the firedepartment would close the roads and we wouldnt be able to evacuate them.  We  took all of our dogs down but we had nowhere to put them.  We called a dog hotel and asked if we could take them there.  We had about 25 dog at the shelter and our houses are full.  We took them there, but the expences are extremely high.  Its still very windy and its not safe to take them back.  But even when its safe, we face other problems.  There is an amazing amount of ashes that cover everything.  The water, the food.  But also the dogs will breath it and its very dangerous for their health.  We really dont know what to do.  Of course there is no chance of rain, which would have made the ashes to be absorbed by the soil.  One of our volunteers broke her knee while trying to carry a scared dog.  So it would be a real hard summer for us and our animals.  Due to all the political and economic  situation we have no donations coming from Greek people.  Our vets after all these years asked us to pay cash in advance (while all these years we could pay them off after our Christmas and Easter bazaars).  Since today, prices on dog food, medicines, vet services have taxes of 23%, while before it was 13%.  It means that all gets much more expensive.  Its very difficult situation.

We will have an update by tonight, we will try to clean the shelter and surroundings

At this point, any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you

Best regards


This is the video after we evacuated the dogs


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